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We want to provide a forum, where our staff and visitors can troubleshoot problems and develop machining techniques. Please ask/post your questions or comments below.
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We at Contour Tool & Machine Inc. believe and stand by our customer confidentiality. Therefore we are unable to answer questions that could jeopardize this standard.

The coating of cutting tools has become very popular and there are many different kinds of coatings for many different applications. Some of them are proving to be very beneficial, but sorting through the technical information and on the testing can be very time consuming and expensive.

If you want to try coated tools, we suggest contacting us through e-mail or with a phone call.

Take advantage of our experience and our recommended coating specialist.

We will need to know cutting tool type & material, material to be machined, and machine specs.(max R.P.M, & cutting fluid used)

Your tool maker should be an asset. Team up with Contour Tool & Machine Inc. and see what your missing.